It's All About Me, About Maksum Abdul Hamid

My name is Maksum, my father's name is Abdul Hamid. I was born in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, on Sunday, August 12th.  At 6 years old, instantly after my father's death,  I moved to Sampit, Central Kalimantan , together with my mother. My mother is   a descendant  of Martapura-Banjar ethnic, but  my father is a Javanese.  Until   20 years old  I had  lived in Sampit, and then  migrated to Java after  my marriage with  Kharmiyati, on  August 1st.  I have now had  4 childrens (2 boys and 2 girls) from my wife.   Today I live in Sukowetan, Karangan Subdistrict, Trenggalek District, East Java, a village where my wife was born and grown up. We have been leading a happy life there.

Since  6 years old I have loved to read books. Then  at 15 I started to write poetry,  short stories, essays and various articles, a habit turning out to keep on going until now. My writings have been published in several local and national media. I've also ever become the first champion of  1980 national-scaled  poetry contest  organized by the Association of Indonesian Penfriends (PSPI),  through a  poetry entitling "Wajah-Wajah Manusia".

I also used to work as carpenters and  construction laborers, and had ever been in the company of PT Mega Nusa Lintasbuana and worked for one year as acting marketing manager at  one  of its subsidiaries,  Meganet ISP,  that was engaged in Internet service provider.   I got out of here just before  it went bankrupt and erased from the surface of business traffic.

Now I serve as  a low-level  employee at a local office of the National Education Ministry.  While continuing to live a life of  a writer in my own blog,  I still contribute articles to local newspapers. In addition, I also farm and raise goats.  I become  editor  at media online   and run some webs of my own:  Trenggalek Jelita, Suara Rakyat Jelata, and Prigibeach Trenggalek. By the way I have already joint in  affiliate manager.organized by, My utmost goal ahead will be that someday I can use  the blog around the internet as a means of sharing human values with others and of getting enough fortune to uphold my family.

Thanks for your empathy to read my profile.

Best regard,

Maksum Abdul Hamid.